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Traveller’s fiqh – Part Two: Fasting while travelling

Traveller’s fiqh – Part Two: Fasting while travelling

By on Jul 9, 2015 in Blog, Traveller's Fiqh |

Abdul Hadi Shah Idil

It’s Abdul Hadi again, and I’m back to write a bit more about how to practice your faith as a traveller. To suit the occasion of this very special month of Ramadan, I’ll be writing about the fiqh of fasting as a traveller inshaAllah (once again from the Hanafi perspective). So before we get into the thick of things, I want you to recall a very important point that was made in the first instalment of the series. Remember that it’s very important that we don’t get mixed up between the conventional usage of the word “travelling” and the specific legal “fiqh” usage of the word. By travelling we mean exiting your city’s limits while intending a journey of 77 kilometres (48 miles) or more. A traveller is someone who has done the above, and hasn’t yet intended to settle for 15 days or more in another location. For more details, please see: Traveller’s fiqh – Part One: Definition of a traveller

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